Attract Customers

Approximately every text message sent is delivered and read at least in five minutes if not straight away. Lure customers' attention with your message in their hand.


When your customer text to our short code 51051 with your keyword, we'll add them to you opt-in list and reply them with your customizable message automatically.

Text Feed

A simple text feed code can display your messages to Twitter, Facebook and your website automatically. Simply get your text feed and show it to thousands more.

Mass SMS in Cents

Imagine approaching your customers in masses at the price of just paying cents. We make sure your messages are delivered successfully to your audience.

How it Works

The platform allows you to quickly launch a TxTword and display it to customers as part of any Advertisement's Call to Action. Your audience texts you TxTword to receive a response immediately with a message and link.

Marketing on SMS

Marketing on SMS is a Service Platform that allows our partners to offer text programs to their customers. Marketing on SMS is service for agencies and interactive firms that require an SMS service platform to deploy marketing campaigns on shared or custom short codes.

Certified Text Campaigns

Marketing on SMS campaigns are certified with major carriers in Canada. These certified campaigns on each carrier allow us to deliver turn-key marketing services quickly and cost effectively.


The Pay-Per-Text Model allows you to easily budget your campaign costs and effectively measure the ROI of the text message conversion.