If you haven’t yet chosen SMS marketing strategy, then this is the place for you! Every other business is jumping on the bandwagon.
Why? Other than the definite cost effectiveness of sms marketing, there are many other significant benifits of SMS marketing to consider.

Fast, Resourceful

Refreshingly simple, point and click, intuitive user interface. The average time for any mobile carrier is less than 7 seconds from sending till receiving. It is lightning fast, literally putts your message into customer’s hand seconds after you send. It doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist to know the system. You can reach people who are interested in knowing about your products and services immediately. Set up your campaign in minutes and start sending texts in seconds.


In reality, most on the go population group using mobile phones is 16-50 years old, so try not to limit your mobile marketing plans to the younger demographics. Widen your radius/scope through onsms.


SMS Marketing is a simple, affordable advertising platform that facilitates small to medium sized businesses to have the same impact that larger companies have been able to leverage for years in conventional advertising efforts. Text messaging is estimated to be 10 times more effective than newspaper advertising and 5 times more effective than direct mail therefore making it cheapest of all. None other means matches the ROI of sms marketing. Larger the campaign, lower the cost per customer.

Mobile-Optimized Website

Best way to integrate mobile is to have a mobile-optimized website. You almost certainly by now have your web address on hundreds, if not thousands of items ranging from business cards to billboards. A mobile-optimized website will help mobile users to learn about your products and company or services in no time.

Limitless Audience

Can you imagine the count of mobile phones out there? An astonishingly ridiculous amount and since mostly mobile phones and text messaging especially, are the way to go nowadays, there is no reason why you can’t jump into this vast ocean of potential customers. Cell phone users represent all demographics – a marketing gold mine!

There you go! the top advantages of sms marketing. Are you ready to start your own campaign? Sing up for a free trial of onsms SMS marketing right now!