It’s a slow night at the café. Not a lot of reservations and you have to fill some seats.What if you could instantaneously send out a message to a few hundred of your customers with a 2-for-1 coupon or special?

Build deeper relationships with your guests with the help of mobile marketing. How do restaurants use text messaging to increase loyalty? Clientele joins your text marketing list, and you give them regular offers via text messages. Our current customers use mobile messaging for free drink specials, mobile coupons, and special codes that can be used for reservations during busy times.

sms marketing enables you to strengthen your relationships with customers. How do restaurants build loyalty through sms messaging? People join your sms marketing list and you provide them offers on regular basis by sms messaging. Present clientele use mobile messaging for free drinks, mobile coupons and special codes which can be used for booking during busy times.

Beauty Spa & Salons

onsms is powerful, easy to use, let people know about a fun afternoon of pampering. Let them customize their experience with you from your wide range of services. Tell them about discounts on body treatments, facials, hands & feet treatments.

For a spa or salon on a fixed budget, OnSmSs’ fair pricing arrangement allows you to synchronize your communications efforts proficiently. Mobile texting is widely recognized as a key marketing tool for pro-active spas & salons. Sending a message is much quicker, easier & cheaper than making a call and mass mobile texts can be sent to numerous customers at the same time, making your job much messages. It takes no time to open an online account & our system can be easily integrated into any website, database or program.


How does your career site look on a mobile device? Chances are, not very fine. Onsms makes certain any possible candidate with a mobile web browser can view your jobs in any of the thousands of mobile formats and easily apply to them via your applicant tracking solution for when they get to their desktop.

onsms mobile site solution makes sure nothing is hosted on your site and there is no special application to download. We make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest mobile protocols. You are also on a monthly basis, so the risk to you and your company is minimal.

Staffing companies are using mobile marketing for:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Invitation to visit
  • Promote and publicize new job opportunities
  • Increase opt-in for database purposes
  • Generate website traffic
  • Create a talent pipeline
  • Engage potential candidates in the brand

Bars and Night Clubs

onsms text messaging solution will take your nightlife advertisings to the next level. Target youthful adults; let them know about the hot spot just round the block or a special event coming down to rock the block.

What Can SMS Marketing Do For Your Venue?

Initially designed as a marketing solution for the nightlife trade, our sms messaging platform addresses the specific needs of bars and nightclubs.

Check out some achievement examples of our industry’s leading features:

  • Customers can subscribe to your opt-in list by texting your unique keyword(s) from their mobile phone.
  • Conduct mobile contests.
  • Send out an sms to mobile subscribers on a chilly evening, offering free hot soups to anyone that shows their text by a specific time.
  • Upload your lists of already opted-in contacts in seconds.

Real Estate

It’s happened to every house hunter: They see a For Sale sign; they wish for information. No one answers the phone number on the sign. The flyer box is clear. They walk away. There has to be a better way, and now there is, onsmsis here for you.

  • As the real-estate market becomes more and more aggresive, a mobile texing solution will set your real estate agency way ahead from your competitors.
  • Instantly text specific property listing information upon request at all times.
  • Setup custom automated text responses.
    readily generate a mobile database of home buyers to contact in the future with new property listings.
  • Instantly launch bulk text campaigns right from your own cell phone with one sms, or of course using our web-based software.
  • Streamline the lead generation process allowing you to spend less time and money luring more customers at the same time.
  • Schedule reminders to go out at particular dates and times.
  • Save money on printing expenses and classified ads.


As consumers become more and more aware, it’s important that you reach out to them in the way they correspond. Mobile marketing in the form of text messaging; it is one of the most efficient tools at your disposal. Put your message in the customer’s hand, promoting your product on the store shelf is suddenly possible in seconds.

With sms marketing, Retail promotion ideas, you never dreamed of all of a sudden are possible. Direct action means instant results. Our mobile sms service is easy to use, allowing you to focus on establishing an influential, cost effective retailing campaign that exploits the latest technology.

From smart phone applications to streaming video, a number of new technologies can directly translate to sales. Retailers can use mobile to market new promotions through mobile coupons and SMS clubs.

Advantages of mobile marketing:

  • Mobiles have become a new platform for retailers to approach customers with sms marketing.
  • Bar codes to be read directly off the screen of a mobile device.

Mobile couponing is increasing in demand, along with e-loyalty and mobile ticketing applications.

Ad Agency

Want to run an Ad and do it fast? Or do you want wait for people to drive past your banner or billboard to notice? onsms is the fastest way to go. We let you use a completely branded mobile marketing service for your clients.

Email marketing has lost its glimmer since unethical companies began sending spam.  Often, e-mail is read when convenient, but not when it is received which is what makes Onsms different. This is beyond internet advertising. This is instant mobile marketing. It is welcomed by the consumer and it gets to them right in their pockets.

Campaigns can include the following:

  • Tagging Commercials with Text Codes to provide
  • info-on-demand
  • Create Loyalty programs
  • Text 2 Win
  • Mobile Contests
  • Mobile Ticketing
  • Sweepstakes
  • Mobile Couponing
  • Mobile texting for branding and sponsorships
  • Text a Question
  • Email Capture by SMS
  • Mobile Website delivery
  • Social Media campaigns
  • In-Store Redemption and Promotion


The vast majority of parents and kids now carry mobile phones. This means text messaging can offer schools and colleges with an instantaneous, reliable and lucrative method for contacting parents and students straight away. Broadcast emergency alerts (school lockdowns), event notifications, class cancellations (rescheduling) etc.

Schools can now exploit the power of mobile texting to contact parents and students to share information in an extremely time sensitive style.

Text messaging for school can be used for:

  • Announce emergency alerts (school lockdowns)
  • Announce event notifications
  • Announce class cancellations (rescheduling)
  • Alerts to parents of ill children
  • Alerting parents for delayed school buses
  • Alerting parents for local dangers, such as stalker
  • Transmit snow day notifications


Whether you represent a civic group, a campus organization, a non-profit, or any other sort of social group, onsmscan be of assistance to you to build an affordable, efficient text messaging program.

If you’re liable for facilitating communications amongst the members of a non-profit or community based organization you may know by now that getting the message out there to everybody is more complex than it should be. Email mail is slow and time n time again gets lost or trapped by SPAM filters. Group texting for community-based organizations is the way out for your communication problems.

Either you represent a civic group, a campus organization, a non-profit, or any other sort of social group, Onsms can be of help to you to build an affordable, proficient text messaging program.